Windermere Security Guards

Our company is a specialist armed guard service provider with 8 designation points based in Windermere. Our service aims to be the best supplier of armed security guards to Windermere over the next few years.

Our guarding services leads the pack in cost, high quality recruitment & above all integrity.

Diamond Force is Your National Guarding Solution

Many Happy Clients Choose Diamond Force!

  • Diamond Force security staff maintain a flawless track record & have been through rigorous internal testing program & skills reviews.
  • Totally B.B.B.E.E Procurement Recognition Level of 110%, Dept of Labour in terms of U.I.F Registered and Security Sector Compliant Diamond Force goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are completely protected.

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  • Quotations on your business building / company reception / factory or plant / Parkade / residential or personal guard in Windermere.
  • We will come to you discuss your pvt guarding requirements at your company.

Guarding Services Windermere

We Specialize In the Following

Diamond Force Security Guards in Windermere

Units located in 30 areas in Kwazulu-Natal. Each unit report into our state of the art control centre found in (Durban).

Our security guards employed in Windermere for the following sector operations
industrial security, hospital security, retailer security, aviation, building site security services in Durban.

Does your company need security guards in Windermere?

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