Marine Security Guards

This very specialized type of security involves the protection of vulnerable docked vessels, assets, crew and land based personnel. Night time security addresses the high risk time when illicit activity is most likely to occur under cover of darkness. Our personnel have a proactive and pre-emptive mindset, so as to swiftly handle any situation that arises.

Marine Security Duties

These guards typically patrol with torches, night batons, pepper sprays and handcuffs, to use if need be. They use this equipment, plus vigilance and alertness to discourage and, if necessary, confront any undesirable element. Their motto is “prevention is better than cure”.

They check the vessels and surrounds for signs of intrusion, or attempted intrusion, and write daily reports of all irregularities, such as equipment or vessel damage, theft, the presence of unauthorized persons, or any unusual or noteworthy occurrences.

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Marine Security Guards

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