Construction Security Guards

Our security guards protect against the theft of high value construction equipment, building materials and vandalism. This is a high risk environment, both in terms of safety regulations enforcement, ie the wearing of hard hats etc, and because of the prolific theft of building materials.

Construction Security Duties

They enforce strict access and egress control, ensuring that only contractors and authorized persons and vehicles are allowed access to a particular construction site, either during the day or at night.

These guards typically patrol with torches, night batons, pepper sprays and handcuffs, to use if need be. They use this equipment, plus vigilance and alertness to discourage and, if necessary, confront any undesirable element. Their motto is “prevention is better than cure”.

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Construction Security Guards

Diamond Force Security are experts in construction security guards and can provide all your construction security guarding requirements. Contact our head office for a free quotation on construction security guards.