Residential Security is the First Step in Safety

Residential security is a highly debated and contentious issue at present and is increasingly so. When looking for new properties or homes, residents first enquire as to the safety of the home and area and then they regard other factors. Personal and residential safety is vulnerable and is the issue uppermost in everybody’s mind today.

We dare not leave a door unlocked or a window slightly open because criminals have evolved into reckless brigands with not an iota of empathy or concern for their victims. It often appears that their express aim is to instil fear into vulnerable people and to kill as ruthlessly and painfully as possible and then only to steal and plunder as the can.

The responsibility for residential security is wholly in the hands of citizens with the increase of crime and the iteration from the police and government that we must take the onus upon ourselves to ensure our safety at home and on the streets. The lawlessness has infiltrated our everyday lives and actions. We all need portable alerts such as mobile panic buttons. We must fence our homes with electricity and razor wire, we have to secure our windows with bullet proof film and we must lock and bolt our doors with impenetrable systems. People dare not enjoy their own gardens any longer and setting foot from your home after dark has become a definite no-go.

Tactical Reaction is a company fully aware of these hazards and has all the safe solutions for us. Safety is no longer an option- it is our most important concern.