Protect Yourself and Your Family

Diamond Force Security guard services vary from guarding a house against burglars to protecting a celebrity from their exuberant, overenthusiastic fans. In South Africa, we have great need for the first of these two. Criminals often strike us right at the heart of our existence- our homes thus rendering us insecure and fearful. After falling victim to violent crime, many people employ guards to protect them as they enter and exit their homes. Statistics lead us to believe that this is one of the most vulnerable times of our daily existence.

Often our attention is on reversing down the drive, thinking about what we need to do when we get inside our house or when we arrive at our destination and we do not concentrate on our direct situation. We do not see the man flash into the driveway behind us as we pull in. Diamond Force Security guard services could assist with these tense moments. It is handy to have somebody watching out for you as you drive in or out.

The best advice possible is to be fully attentive and alert when entering and leaving your property. Do not use your mobile phone at this time. Keep your attention focused on the area behind and around your car. Be aware of other vehicles in your road. Be especially alert to people walking up and down and around your driveway. Often these people act as reconnaissance to others and provide information as to when and where you are in or out and how vulnerable you appear.