V.I.P Security Protection

We offer V.I.P security catering toward celebrities, heads of state or government, major business people, politicians, wealthy individuals and any other important person who requires special protection given their station in life. You are assured of personalized attention, specific to your unique requirements, giving you total peace of mind. We firmly believe that for a V.I.P protection campaign to be successful it requires exceptional preparation, route and venue surveillance, threat and danger appraisal and conflict prevention.

Our V.I.P protection service package are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide protection catering to a variety of events including official functions, government gatherings, entertainment events such as movie premières and other high-profile gatherings.

Type Of Personnel

Our security personnel are specifically and specially trained to handle VIP protection. They are intelligent, confident, ethical, disciplined, modest, reliable, highly alert, good natured, well-groomed and well spoken. You are assured that we will at all times project the same image that you yourself aspire to.

Our security personnel approach their task with professionalism and courtesy, and will take every conceivable measure to preserve the well-being, reputation and safety of their clients. In order to accomplish this, out guards have been trained in all aspects of protection and preservation, ensuring the safety of all our V.I.P clients.