Undercover personnel

Undercover security guard operations aim to successfully identify all persons involved in suspected illicit activities, obtain evidence for disciplinary hearings and criminal prosecution, locate contraband and stolen company property and expose criminal activity at all levels.

Diamond Force Security offers a comprehensive security solution. Our staff are highly trained and of the finest calibre ensuring that your business or residence is secure.


In the retail sector, management, store personnel, warehouse staff, and outside vendors can effectively be targeted for compliance with store policy and loss prevention guidelines. The effect is that losses can be reduced, and in some cases, totally eliminated, with the resultant increase in the profitability of your business.
Stock theft amounts for a significant loss in revenue. In South Africa, not only is shop lifting an issue but it extends to more serious crimes such as armed robberies. Diamond Guard goes the extra mile to ensure that shoppers are secure and that shop owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a trained security guard is monitoring the premises.