Technical security

We utilise and sell the latest, cutting edge detection, identification, authentication and surveillance technologies, aimed at countering all types of crime, protecting people and goods, and managing working procedures and activities. Although some security systems are made vulnerable by criminals, our technical security makes use of the latest techniques by assessing your security from the perspective of a criminal or attacker, and then build a security framework which works to deter any potential damages or other criminal activities.
Our security solutions are ideal for both home and business premises, and cater to properties and buildings of various sizes.

Offsite Monitoring.

Our expertise covers all CCTV installations and repairs, plus we also offer real-time offsite monitoring. The latter gives you the peace of mind that your business is under constant surveillance. This is managed from our high-tech national Control Room situated at our Head Office in Cape Town. Having an offsite monitoring option provides the following security benefits:

  • A focused management of various individual sites
  • An affordable and reliable means to deter criminal activities
  • Archive of all recorded activity
  • Vastly improved security response to any criminal activity
  • Safeguard your business, employees, home and family
  • Evidential video and audio recordings.