Security surveys

We conduct detailed security vulnerability assessments which focus on a client’s entire organization or a particular facility, department or process. This is done in close collaboration with you, and specifically according to your unique business scenario. A security survey is conducted in order to formulate a blueprint whereby all future security procedures can be planned. This is done through assessing a clients risk basis either to themselves or their belongings or property.

When we conduct a security survey we undertake an investigation of the following:

  • Gauge which are your most valuable assets
  • How vulnerable are these assets
  • What is the most cost effective approach to securing these assets
  • Which is the best course of action to prevent any recurring incidents from happening in the future
  • Establish how vulnerable the area is to crime and other risk related factors

Security Survey Method

Our security surveys are performed in an objective, proactive, consultative, comprehensive and professional manner. Our findings are then shared with you the client, and all relevant recommendations provided. This enables you to make informed decisions and changes with regards to your business. Your security survey will be carried out by our trained staff and done at your convenience.