Typically, the causes and circumstances leading to occurrences are identified and corrective measures provided and implemented to prevent a recurrence. Relevant detailed information is gathered concerning the incident from any participants and witnesses.

Types of investigations

This ranges from a limited investigation, where a simple incident report is created, to a more thorough investigation, where an in-depth report is generated, such as an accident or in the case of an incident where there is exposure to liability. You can furthermore expect ongoing and detailed feedback, with all applicable recommendations.

Investigation services:
Diamond Force Security provides the best, professionally trained and loaded with huge experience team of security investigations. Our investigation services has mastered a pro-active approach to manage the risk and loss control with prime attention to fraud. This division is the core of collective knowledge and intelligence services. Our work is independently verified on ethical basis and fair towards all parties involved.

Diamond Force Security investigations services are available to companies, law firms, government organisations and individuals.

Successful completion of any investigation is our prime target and commitment to our clients with solutions to prevent such problems from recurring.

Types of investigations:
Diamond Force Security perform the investigations on a regular basis to deliver the best outcome to all our clients in every aspect. Our workplace investigations include the following services

  • Undercover Investigations
  • Undercover Deployment
  • Sting operations
  • Security Assessments
  • Theft Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Background Screenings

Service description:
In our undercover investigations we provide you the glean information not generally available to you and it not just find the culprits but also prove whether a person is innocence or guilty. Our Investigation Director work with the client to develop an effective plan to achieve the goal of investigations. Our investigators do professional investigation of theft, fraud, violence, corruption, or competitive malpractice. Our undercover investigations also available to secure informations. We often comes to know that our clients always have something suspicion or they are critically thinking about something how to handle that situation. These services are fantastic way to find out the weakness in company polices and the working procedures.

In very short interval of time our investigators team integrate themselves among the rest of the employees. While the investigations services are in progress we pass on the information to our client directly from our Directors. These reports enable us to work out a plan that will show us the patterns of various associated risks. We have built our repute in private investigations as well renounced services.

The clients provide the investigators all the information related to case. And after receiving the information our investigator provide the client with the proposal best applicable to that particular investigation. This is our pre-investigation consultation we discuss with the clients for both legal matters both for and against the client. We discuss the pros and cons of investigative tactics with clients. No investigation is undertaken unless both client and our investigators have agreed on all aspects.

All the investigations and related services are followed by the policy of a pre investigations consultation and in-depth discussion with the client to look into all the informations and relevant case history and objectives. It is strongly advised that clients come well prepared with all the documents ad evidences.