Armed security guards

Our security guards are highly trained and qualified professionals, who understand the meaning of minimum force. You can rest assured that your assets will be valued and protected at all times, with the added security and peace of mind that armed personnel provide.

Access & egress control

The purpose of this function is to prevent the unlawful entry or exit of persons and vehicles, or the bringing in of dangerous objects and illegal substances (drugs, etc) onto the premises, so as to protect and safeguard the site as a whole.

  • Employees entering must produce their I.D cards / tags. Those leaving the premises during normal working hours are required to produce a stamped pass from the relevant authority, and are also searched according to the Site Instruction Manual.
  • Delivery vehicles are stopped, and the driver instructed to switch off the engine, whilst the guard makes sure that there are no unauthorized passengers inside.
  • Vendors and job-seekers are not allowed in, or to loiter at the main gate / entrance.
  • No-one, without proof of authority, is allowed to leave with your property. To this end, thorough body searches and parcel / bag searches are done, and vehicle searches, focusing on the boot, bonnet, on top of the seats, under the seats and underneath the vehicle are also effected. The guard always checks if the quantity and description of goods and the actual delivery note correspond.
  • Customers / clients are also subjected to the above, as applicable.


The purpose of this function is to timeously detect any sign of sabotage, gas or water leakage, fire hazards / smouldering fires, etc. This is effected in many ways – by observing suspicious people / vagrants loitering and wandering about, supervising the loading of garbage, checking receiving areas, parking grounds etc. This will be done continuously by guards on foot, randomly throughout the shift.


  • Random, unannounced visits by our Operations Manager and Inspectors to all sites, both day and night.
  • Reporting late for a scheduled shift, dress code violations, insubordination etc results in swift disciplinary action, strictly according to C.O.F.E.S.A guidelines.
  • Guards are required to report to the Controller (we have a 24 hr Control room) at 15 min intervals. Failure to do so results in swift disciplinary action.
  • The guards are required to log any incidents, however minor, in the O.B (Occurrences Book). Failure to do so results in swift disciplinary action.
  • Guard patrol monitoring system (Guard Track) is used at sites where there are multiple zones / areas to be patrolled. Random printouts are done from the client’s P.C so as to monitor patrolling compliance and consistency.

First aid

All our security personnel have basic First Aid training.

Firearm control

This function relates to firearms or any dangerous objects that may be brought onto the premises by either employees or visitors, especially if it is without prior authorization by the relevant company official.

Incident reporting & handling

All incidents are immediately recorded in the Occurrences Book, reported to our Control Room, fully investigated, and finally proper Reports are submitted to a client’s Management for appropriate action.

Lost & found management

All articles found in any location when ownership cannot be established will be handed in at the guardroom, and an entry made in the Occurrences Book. Thereafter an attempt will be made to locate the rightful owner.

Fire prevention & fire fighting

At all times during patrols potential fire hazards are monitored. Should there be a fire, there is an emergency evacuation plan that our officers follow.

Violence & riots

This is a very sensitive element of our service and thus needs to be handled with the utmost care. In the case of an upsurge of violence or riot at your premises, you can rest assured that our guards are well-trained, and able to handle the situation, and will protect both people and property with minimum force.

Loss prevention & control

The primary objective of this function is to ensure that no loss is suffered in terms of a client’s property, assets, equipment, etc and is implemented in conjunction with procedures like vehicle searching.


This function relates to any emergency situation that may occur, eg bomb threats, hostage situations, fires, any major accident etc. We shall at all times have an emergency plan in place detailing the exact procedures required, including informing the relevant authorities.