Access Control Security

The purpose of this function is to:

  1. Prevent the unlawful entry of persons and vehicles, or the bringing in of dangerous objects and illegal substances (drugs, etc) onto the premises, so as to protect and safeguard the site as a whole.
  2. Ensure that no-one, without proof of authority, leaves with your property. To this end, searching vehicles

Access Control Security Guard Services

Our primary job is to protect and serve our customers. Years of hands on training in defending our clients and their establishments against threats and hazards in South Africa have given us the ability to foresee dangers before they materialise.

Our job is to successfully protect the unlawful entry of persons and vehicles from entering the premises. We also are experienced in detecting and putting a halt to the entry of suspicious or dangerous objects or substances. Some examples would be: drugs, unwanted firearms and explosive devices. It is our duty and obligation to protect and safeguard the entire premises and its members as a whole against outside threats.

We ensure that by all means no entity will enter the premises without proper proof of authority. This also includes no one leaving the property without a proper exit clearance.

Our team will successfully search all necessary persons and vehicles to determine the safety of said identities prior to entry into an establishment.

Our team is composed of a top of the line security guards with extensive training and hands on, in the field experience. We have successfully protected dozens of clients against access threats and will be able to use our past experience to handle any situation that arises in your business or residential station.

If you have been searching for a team to keep you, your property and personnel safe, then you have found your team.

Let Diamond Force Security Access Control Security Services protect you and give you the safeguard you deserve.