Our Services


Candidates receive state-of-the-art, sophisticated security training on proven methods to deal with current and future threats. Rigorous, intensive, specialised training provides the skills required for your security staff to properly react in any situation. Participants gain the skills and knowledge vital to success in real world environments and situations.

Typically, the causes and circumstances leading to occurrences are identified and corrective measures provided and implemented to prevent a recurrence. Relevant detailed information is gathered concerning the incident from any participants and witnesses. This ranges from a limited investigation, where a simple incident report is created, to a more thorough investigation, where an in-depth report is generated, such as an accident or in the case of an incident where there is exposure to liability.

Security surveys
Security vulnerability assessments focus on a client’s entire organization or a particular facility, department or process. It is performed in an objective, proactive, collaborative, comprehensive and professional manner.

Risk analysis
Quickly determines if your security programme properly and cost effectively addresses your real risks and threats. It increases awareness and appreciation of security and loss prevention by all, and develops a clear understanding of the real risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

Undercover personnel
Undercover operations aim to identify all persons involved, obtain evidence for disciplinary hearings and criminal prosecution, locate contraband and stolen company property and expose criminal activity. In the retail sector, management, store personnel, warehouse staff, and outside vendors can effectively be targeted for compliance with store policy and loss prevention guidelines.

VIP protection
We protect celebrities, heads of state or government, major business people, politicians, high rollers, wealthy individuals and any other important person who requires special protection. We have security personnel who are specifically trained to handle VIP protection. They are intelligent, confident, ethical, disciplined, modest, reliable, alert, good natured, well-groomed and well spoken.