Neighbourhood Security Guards

Having a well secured and security patrolled neighbourhood enables residents to safely go about their day to day lives in a environment with peace of mind that a trained peace force is surveying any potential threats before they materialise.

In South Africa today we have a massively overburdened police force that are ill equipt or resourced to handle the seemingly petty security duties of a patrolling security guard service. These petty security issues if left un-checked can often escalate into full-scale and life threatening situations.

This is why having a first-aid trained security guard force has become such a vital component to day to day life in South Africa. The cost of a few security guards patrolling the residential or business vicinity is negligible when considering the alternative emergency and potential loss of life alternatives.

Having a secured neighbourhood with patrolling guards is not just about public safety. Patrolling security guards grow the security perception in the area and this is key to growing the macro property value for the area and the reducing crime rate, while growing the employment within the country.

As a BBBEEE partner Diamond Force serves not only as a security guard service or solution but also as an equity partner with a vested interest in area security.

Our 24/7 guard patrols are trained to handle a wide variety of residential and commercial guarding services and we are able to scale services to meet your specific requirements.

Diamond Force has grown in South Africa by city to serve as a national security guard service with key operations centers in.

Our area’s of influence include.