Lindo Kuhle Security Guards

Our security guard service is a specialist company with 7 designation points based within Lindo Kuhle area. Our service aims to be the best provider of armed security guards to Lindo Kuhle over the next few years.

Diamond Force sets new standards in cost savings, grade of security service and honesty.

Diamond Force is Your Nation Wide Guarding Solution

Our client value speaks for itself!

  • Our personnel have a verified work history & endure a comprehensive internal testing regimen and capability audits.
  • Totally B.B.B.E.E Procurement Recognition Level of 110%, ISO9000 and Security Regulation Compliant we go beyond the call of duty to be certain that our clients are protected.

No Obligation Security Services Quotations

  • Quotes on your buildings / company reception / factory or plant / retail / non-commercial or private guard in Lindo Kuhle.
  • Diamond will come to you chat about your private security needs on-site.

Security guards Lindo Kuhle

Diamond Force Security Specialise In

Diamond Force in Lindo Kuhle

Stations are based in 60 location in the Durban. All units via the our state of the art office / command centre in (Durban).

The Diamond Force guards employed in Lindo Kuhle for the following sector operations
guest accommodation security, bank security, retail, governmental and public funded contracts services in Durban.

Does your business need security guards in Lindo Kuhle?

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