About us

Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) is able to supply a full range of professional security guard services.
Diamond Force Security provides security services (male and female security guards, Grade A – D) in the following spectrum of sectors: commercial, retail, industrial, marine, residential, hospitality, healthcare, banking, parastatal and public entities, event management, undercover personnel, investigations, risk analyses, security surveys / audits, and V.I.P protection. We also have a Technical Division, capable of handling all C.C.T.V, intercom and other electronic communication and surveillance requirements you might have.


  • Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) is a Level Three Contributor to B.B.B.E.E.
  • Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) has a B.B.B.E.E Procurement Recognition Level of 110%.
  • Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) is affiliated to Trade World.
  • Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) is registered with the Dept of Labour in terms of U.I.F (Unemployment Insurance Fund) and C.O.I.D (Workman’s Compensation).
  • Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) has R5 million Public Liability Insurance cover, which can immediately be increased if required.
  • Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) only provides fully trained and P.S.I.R.A registered employees.

The relevant governing body is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (P.S.I.R.A).

We have a hands-on Management approach, and regard ourselves as an extension of our clients’ businesses, and not merely their security service provider.

Committed to service excellence, our company strives to ensure that our operational functioning is consistent and dynamic, and we constantly refine our service delivery going forward, in close consultation with our clients, so as to maintain optimum service delivery levels at all times.

Diverse experience, integrity, expertise, consistency, innovation, creativity, the highest level of business ethics and value for money are some of the important reasons why Diamond Force Security (D.F.S) would be a definite and ongoing asset to you.

The Managing Member, Emmanuel Chimezie, Member Nontsikelelo Ntsume, and the Regional General Managers, are all sourced from a security industry background, each with many years diverse experience, and realize that the peace-of-mind afforded by security is vital, whether it be insurance claims, security guards / officers, investigators, surveillance and undercover operatives etc, as this allows you, the client, to focus completely on the vital daily core aspects of your business.

Diamond Force provide a high quality static guarding service throughout South Africa. We have professionally trained, unrivaled, security officers that can be deployed on site anywhere in South Africa (sometimes within a few hours of the request). Our Operations team would carefully select personnel according to the project requirements and site specific training is given prior to commencement of any project.

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